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SEMINARS (all day) Day: THURSDAY TIMES 10.30am - 2.30 pm with a lunch break

Spring Term 2017

Date Subject Lecturer Fee
1. THUR 9 Feb Children's graphotherapy Graziella Pettinati £50
2. TUES 7 March

Challenging Handwritings

Bernadette Keefe £40

Summer Term 2017

Date Subject Lecturer Fee

2. THUR 11 May

Foreign Writing Systems (5 hours)

Dafna Yalon £50

Bernadette Keefe - Workshop - 7th March 2017

Bernadette Keefe is a lecturer and examiner for the British Academy.  She is also Chief Executive of IGC (International Graphological Colloquium), and is co-author of the International Manual of Graphology.

Subject:  Challenging Handwritings.  An in-depth study of two handwritings and a chance to grapple and discuss aspects of analysis in our professional practice.

Dafna Yalon - Seminar - 11th May 2017

Dafna Yalon from Israel is a full time graphologist,  with an M.S. in biochemistry. She uses many different psychological exercises to complement her work as a

graphologist including the Wartegg drawing test and the Star-Wave test. Ms Yalon is a past president of the Society for Scientific Graphology in Israel, and lectures internationally.  She has published numerous articles and books including The Star-Wave Test Across the Life Span and, in 2003, Graphology Across Cultures.

In May, we are very fortunate that Miss Yalon will be sharing with the Academy her knowledge on the massive topic of Foreign Writing Systems. It will promise a fascinating insight into the world's most widespread writing systems and help us to appreciate the universality of graphological concepts.

Subject:  Foreign Writing Systems

Martin Hastings - Workshop - Autumn (tba)

Martin is an Advanced Diploma member of the BAoG and Editor of our new online Newsletters.  He has kindly offered to present a Workshop this Autumn. The focus for discussion will be 'Successful Men' and what drives them.  There will be some fascinating writing samples on show which will make for detailed analysis to try and determine what makes these people tick and how this presents itself in their wriitng.

Subject:  Successful Men - What Drives them?